Automated E164 rangeholder lookup

This can be provided to a gigaset SL450GO with a public directory script via apache2 "SetHandler cgi-script" running off a nearby server. This can be used to automate lookups of the rangeholder associated with an e164 number and therefore help predict whom it might be about.

Firstly get the csv files for the ofcom lists, it is presmumed these go in a standard internet mirror filesystem tree.

As in the manual, it is presumed that the script is accessible at a location such as /gigaset-prov/netdir accessible to the device, I use phonegw.lan.home.arpa as in phone gateway

There are a few advantages or not, firstly lookups happen only if the phone number is not in the built in directory which is useful, and with this the phone now shows the rangeholder along with the number, which is a first step in handling scam and nusciance calls, and a bit better than auto resolving an area code to its name, and this is private so no interaction with other servers. The data is similar to the AQL number lookup although AQL give some extra information not in the ofcom tables, namely whether they do SMS routing for a number or not.

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Probably the main disadvantage is that an e164 number is often the only information with a voip call, not like email where an ip address supplies reverse dns, and the message itself have a lot of Received: headers to show routing, so even if a server lies about itself, and especially the "From:" header, the lines above may be genuine. There is a bit of about bgp but it is much better, althoug as for BGP it is better for all nodes to participate in route checking.

Whereas when a number is spoofed that is passed verbatim like an e-mail From: about without a backtrace attached.

A backtrace would be nice. The existing process involves a spreadsheet and a lot of very manual to and fro. Prospective tracing is mentioned and would think it better that is enabled all the time.

What about P-Asserted-Identity? Apparently the end-user is not supposed to have it, because it is not trusted.

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Within is vodafone calling there is a json is_vf_calling_data object with their phone numbers