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Price List
ComponentPrice (Approx)Sources
VIA EIPA 5000 Mainboard£63Linitx, Mini-itx
VIA Dual PCI Riser£11Linitx, Mini-itx
Travla C137 Case£105Linitx, Mini-itx
Travla C137 CF Reader£15Linitx, Mini-itx
40 Way ribbon for CF£ 10Various sources
Sangoma S518 ADSL Card£120freestuffjunction
Samsung Spinpoint Hard Disk£70overclockers
80 Way ribbon for Hard Disk£ 10Various sources
Ethernet Switch£20Dabs. Need one that operates from 12V or 5 volts, then you can power it from your ITX and save some money.
Power connector for switch£5DC Output lead from maplin + plug
Wireless card, D-Link DWL-520 (Intersil Prism 2.5)No longer availableReplacement does need to be flat to fit with hard disk. I.e. Ralink2500 .. Not mini-pci on pci.
View of inside of Travla C137 The PCI cards The PCI cards again Sangoma Card Sangoma card in place. Power for ethernet switch.

This machine also uses 19 volts from an external PSU. Laptop power converters are available to step-up from 12 volts, so it could be possible to run this arrangement from a leisure battery and a photo-voltaic solar panel array. I would suggest that a voltage monitor inform the ITX of the battery and panel state, when used in this way.

To save on an extra PSU, the ethernet switch on top runs off 12 volts taken from a spare floppy connector inside the cabinet.

My ITX “stat”


This unit is now a Tranquil PC T2-WHS-A3G, with D945GCLF2 main board inside a WB2-076-300 Dataracks Elite 404 Wallbox that I got from Netshop

I used the Intel Integrator assistant to restore the original Intel factory settings, startup logo, and PXE capability to the unit.

Tranquil PC T2-WHS-A3G WB2-076-300 Dataracks Elite 404 Wallbox