Extra Things

Add connection to wlan mesh 802.11s

This connection I use for the Engenius EPI-3601S card (Atheros PCI). You need a mac address for each virtual device, so can use the mac address from your local ethernet adaptor or bluetooth device to guarantee uniqueness. Otherwise can pick an address from a virtualisation range such as VirtualBox: 08:00:27:??:??:??, it may not be unique but gives better mesh anonymity if that is desired.

iface mesh inet6 manual
        pre-up iw phy phy0 interface add $IFACE type mp
        #pre-up ifconfig $IFACE hw ether $(ifconfig eth0|grep HWaddr|cut -f3 -d"r")
        up ip -6 addr add \
$( c() { echo fd${1:62:3}${1:65:2}${1:68:3}${1:71:2}${1:74:2}:1:${6:0:1}$(printf %x $((${6:1:1}^2)))${6:3:2}:${6:6:2}ff:fe${6:9:2}:${6:12:2}${6:15:2}/64; }; \
c "$(openssl x509 -in /var/local/lib/vpn/vpn.crt -noout -fingerprint)" $(ifconfig $IFACE)) dev $IFACE
        post-down iw dev $IFACE del